booth 329

Yes, we have a booth at Coffee Fest and it will be run by a truly rogue and diverse group of coffee people.  Here are some brief bios of who you may see working the Hario booth.

Kelli Bakker – has taken a huge pay cut to do what she loves – work with people and coffee and has experience hiring and training bear guards – watch out!

Edwin Martinez – Finca Vista Hermosa

Brent Fortune – A native Californian based out of PDX.  crema coffee + bakery, wbc training committee, is texting coffee people in 21 countries around the globe.  on an HOURLY basis.

Raul RodasGuatemalan Barista Champion, placed 7th in the World!

Jana Openheimer – has a little bit of experience selling coffee and espresso machines to say the least.

Roger Burke – paid his dues back in the day with the first coffee roaster to package whole bean coffee sealed in one pound packages.  Yes Arbuckles is an American legend that has been around since 1964.  When offered coffee at restaurants he says “hot water please” and pulls out his own coffee and french press.  Be sure to click on this link and listen to the “Arbuckles Coffee Song”!

Sauro Dallaglio – 2008 Italian Cup Tasting Champion and espresso trainer with a resume longer than this post, that has taken him all over the globe.

Ben Kaminsky – can’t seem to stay in one place very long.  Catch him if you can.  2009 U.S. Cup Tasting Champion

R.J. Glass – responsible for getting Ben into coffee, and he comes with Ben.  nuff said.


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