Coffee Fest 2009

V60 Bar

To say our first trade show was a success would be a great understatement.  Before the show even opened, booth 329 was buzzing with other exhibitors. Our little 10 x 10 booth was perhaps the most crowded on the show floor from start to finish.  What made it surreal is that almost everyone that crammed in and around it had one thing in common – making phenomenal cup quality approachable.  The desire to deliver quality in a mug in it’s purest and simplest form is something that anyone can get behind.  Here are some photos taken by Liz Clayton and here are some more taken by Reg Barber.

day one

Ben Brent and Raul

day two

Kelli Roger RJ and Ben

A sincere thank you to the very talented coffee professionals who manned the V60 bar at Seattle Coffee Fest 2009!  We heard repeatedly from some of the most discerning palates in the industry “This is the best cup of brewed coffee I’ve had all weekend!”


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